Beginner's Guide & F.A.Q.

This is a comprehensive guide on the game, presented in a helpful F.A.Q. format.

Prefer to watch/listen? Check out Angreifer's Ultimate Players Guide for a video walkthrough of a bunch of helpful suggestions and strategies like you see below.


Stats, Buffs, Debuffs, and Combat Effects

Glossary & Lingo

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  • The Guide

    Farming Characters

    What characters are farmable?

    In the Campaign, the following characters are available:

    Character # of Nodes
    Bane 5
    Batman Caped Crusader 7
    Bizarro 2
    Cheetah 5
    Chemo 6
    Flash 7
    Green Arrow Emerald Archer 4
    Guy Gardner 2
    Hal Jordan 7
    Huntress 5
    Jessica Cruz 2
    Larfleeze 1
    Lex Luthor Survival Support Suit 7
    Sinestro Yellow Lantern 4
    Star Sapphire 5
    Wonder Woman Princess of Themyscira 7
    Zatanna 4

    In R.E.D. Alerts, the following characters are available:

    Artemis: The Shim'Tar
    Black Manta: Scourge of the Seven Seas
    Black Mask: The Crime King
    Booster Gold: 25th Century Hero
    Cassandra Cain: The One Who Is All
    Clayface: Basil Karlo
    Deadman: Wandering Spirit
    Deadshot: Hired Gun
    Gorilla Grodd: Psychic Mastermind
    Hawk: The Avatar of War
    Heat Wave: The Pyromaniac
    Hippolyta: Queen of the Amazons
    Kid Flash: The Fastest Kid Alive
    Mirror Master: Roguish Reflection
    Ravager: Rose Wilson
    Red Robin: Tim Drake
    Steppenwolf: General of Apokolips
    Superboy: Jon Kent
    Vixen: Avatar of the Animal Kingdom
    Wonder Girl: Champion of War

    You can see the calendar for R.E.D. Alerts here or by clicking Calendar in the top navigation bar.

    Who should I farm?

    In early stages of the game, focus on Lex Luthor from the campaign - he will be your main healer and leader. Batman, Green Arrow, and Yellow Sinestro are very helpful early on for damage and some AoE attacks. These charachters will help you survive and get through campaign and R.E.D. Alerts, but eventually, you will outgrow them.

    For long term investments, focus on:

      • Physical (Red)
      • Huntress (damage)
      • Mystical (Blue)
      • Cheetah (leader + damage)
      • Star Sapphire (support + heal + damage)
      • Energy (Green)
      • Chemo (taunter)
      • Hal Jordan (leader)
      • Lex Luthor: Survival Support Suit (the best)
    How do I farm?

    Simply play the nodes that award the character you are trying to farm or complete R.E.D. Alerts. Additionally, shards can be earned from various PVE challenges and PVP events, however, these aren't considered "farmable" because they are only available for a limited time.

    Upgrading Characters

    How do I level up my characters?

    There are 4 ways to upgrade characters:

    • Character Level
      • This is done by using Meta-Agents (also called xp mats or orbs) to raise the level of the toon. The current max is level 80. There are red, blue, green, and gray meta-agents. If you use a meta-agent whose color matches the affinity color of the character (red, blue, or green), you will get 1.5 times as much xp as you would if you used the gray material. For example, a level 1 gray material gives 30xp, but a matching color material gives 45xp. Both cost 150 green essence to apply. The savings add up when you're taking a character to a high level, sometimes differing by a couple million green essence cost.
    • Gear
      • Each character has 6 gears that can be upgraded to levels 1 to 11. Unlike xp materials, there are no gray materials for gear. Energy toons need green gear, Physical toons need red gear, and Mystical toons need blue gear. Each gear is upgraded by slotting in a combination of level 1, 2, and/or 3 gear materials. To find out how many of each material you will need to get to a certain gear level, you can use the Gear Materials Calculator.
    • Rank
      • Rank refers to the number of stars a character has. There’s the basic 1 to 5 stars, often called Rank 1 or Rank 5 (abbreviated R1, R5 etc.), then there are Legendary levels 1 to 5 (L1 - L5), finally, there are Rebirth levels 1 to 5 (RB1 - RB5). You can increase the rank of a toon by obtaining enough character fragments to get the next rank and by having enough green essence or legendary essence to take them there. You can use the Character Fragments Calculator to see how many shards and how much essence you need to upgrade characters.
    • Abilities
      • Each of the character’s abilities can be upgraded to a max of level 8 or 9 by using a combination of green, blue, red, and white or black rings (white for heroes, black for villains). Most characters have five abilities and some only have four.
    What’s the best way to level up my characters?

    When you’re just starting out, it will be tempting to level up your characters as high as they can go, but this is not the best strategy. Instead, you should focus on gear. If you bring your character levels too high without upgrading their gear, it will throw off the balance of the game’s matchmaking for you. Below, you can find a table that shows what level you will need to be to unlock each gear level. It is advised to level up characters evenly and not let one get too far ahead in power. Generally, you should try to focus on upgrading 3-4 characters of each affinity (red, blue, green) at the same time so that you’re prepared to take on teams in PVP and R.E.D. Alerts.

    How high should I level my characters?

    Generally, you should only level them up to the level that unlocks the next gear level, then pause to gather more resources, and repeat. In the early stages, this doesn’t matter as much, so if you’re just starting out, bring them up to level 10 and get them to gear 4 (Lvl10/G4). Then bring them to Lvl15/G5 and so on, following the chart below. When you get to each milestone, park them there for a bit while you take the time to gather enough resources to make the jump to the next milestone for your 3-4 toons of each affinity. This is a long process, so don’t get discouraged if you feel like you’re stuck at a gear level for too long. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Additionally, there may be times when you want to bring a character to a level in-between gear milestones, in order to unlock the next level of one of their abilities. Most of the time, this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you do this, focus on an upgrade that would get you another buff or an extra percent chance, and ignore it if it’s just for some extra damage.

    What if I already have one character a lot higher than the others?

    Don’t worry, just start focusing on balancing your roster and start upgrading your other toons.

    What if I already leveled up my characters without gearing them?

    Stop leveling them up and start upgrading gear. Don’t level them up again until you need to in order to unlock the next gear level.

    What rank should I bring my characters to?

    Bring them as high as you can get them. The main bottleneck here becomes Legendary Essence (the purple stuff), so the general advice is to stop at legendary 4 (L4) since L5 costs 100,000. Save L5 for toons that really benefit from it or that you plan on rebirthing.

    Who should I pick for my 3-4 toons of each affinity to level up?

    In the beginning, you won’t have much of a choice, but that’s ok. Try to focus on the farmable characters listed at the top of this guide or any character in the S, A, or B tier on the Character Guide. Or any character that you just really like. It doesn’t take very many resources to upgrade characters at the beginning, so don’t feel like you’re wasting anything. Once you get a feel for how you like to play, it will start to come together naturally.

    What are legendary points and how should I use them?

    Legendary points are awarded when you bring up a character to a legendary level - you get one point for each level, 1-5. You can only spend the points on the character you leveled up. On the Character Guide, you will see a Legendary Order that suggests the order in which you should spend these points on each character. If you see a ] in the order, that denotes the legendary level where the toon has everything it needs to be a viable contender, after that it’s just gravy. A / in the order means those two powers can be swapped, depending on your preference.

    How high should I level powers?

    If you plan on using the character, level up their abilities as high as you can for your level. If the character has 4 skills (2 with 9 levels and 2 with 8 levels) then they will need a total of 118 green, 108 blue, 44 red, and 12 white/black rings to fully upgrade every ability. If a character has 5 skills (2 with 9 levels and 3 with 8 levels) they will need 147 green, 135 blue, 55 red, and 15 white/black rings to fully upgrade every ability. This is very costly, so if you’re trying to conserve rings, the best advice is to level up the power if it would get you another buff or an extra percent chance, and ignore it if it’s just for some extra damage.

    How do I get more green rings?

    This is the main bottleneck for upgrading toons when you are starting out and it will feel like you will never have enough. You can get green rings from the 2 ring Upgrade Events each week, from playing the last node of each normal story chapter, from login bonuses, and from completing daily missions. DO NO BUY RINGS FROM THE SHOP. Sorry for yelling, it’s just a big waste of precious gems, which are much harder to get.

    Are skins a character upgrade?

    Skins do not affect any gameplay stats whatsoever. They are purely cosmetic. Currently, they can occasionally be purchased from the store or earned by placing in the top 500 during raids.

    What level do you need to be to unlock each gear?
    Gear Level Character Level
    1 1
    2 1
    3 5
    4 10
    5 15
    6 20
    7 30
    8 40
    9 50
    10 60
    11 70

    Team Building

    How do I build a good team?

    There is no single answer to every obstacle in this game. Most of the time, you will compose your team to counter whatever enemy team you’re about to face. That being said, a good team will generally either A: be able to attack quickly and often (Martian Manhunter, Cheetah) B: be able to take hits and heal (Lex) or C: avoid getting hit (Batgirl, Harley Quinn). Also try to mix in different affinities (red, blue, green), since a team that is all red will have a hard time beating any greens on the enemy team, or possibly get wiped out by them.

    Another very powerful tool in the current state of the game is turn meter manipulation. Turn meter is the little yellow circle by each character’s health bar in battle. When it fills up, that character attacks next. If you can bring a toon that will slow down the enemy or speed up your own, you will have a big advantage in being able to deal damage and take less hits.

    Finally, there are very few characters that have direct synergies with each other (Hawk and Dove, for example). Most synergies in this game are built around complementing buffs or passive abilities. Arkkis is a hard hitting, strength based character. With this in mind, a good partner would be someone who can give him additional strength ups, like Cheetah (who also can increase his turn meter, making him even more of a threat). Harley Quinn needs to evade to be useful, so one of her best teammates is Batgirl, who can give her additional evasion ups at the start of battle. Reading the kits (character abilities) and using the filters in the Character Guide will help give you ideas of what toons might help each other out.

    What is the leader spot?

    Certain characters have a Leader Ability - a power that is only active if the character fills the first slot on the team. You can see which characters have a leader ability in the Character Guide - they are noted by a .

    What leader should I use?

    There are a handful of great leaders in the game. In PVP, most battles will be focused on speed (getting the first turn or two before your enemy), while PVE teams will more likely focus on sustain (healing, shielding). One of the best leaders in the game is great for both PVP and PVE and also happens to be farmable - Lex Luthor Survival Support Suit. Definitely get Lex. Do it now. He's one of the best toons ever. Another great farmable leader is Cheetah, who is good for getting the speed needed to compete in PVP.

    How do I pick which team is used on defense?

    Short answer: you can’t. Your defense team is chosen randomly from a pool of recent teams that you’ve won with in PVP.


    What are the different PVP modes?

    There are 4 different PVP modes:

    • Wraith
      • This is a recurring weekly contest that awards a different character each week. You can pick up additional character shards of a different character by beating each opponent on your board. The board clear character changes monthly as opposed to weekly. Each month, the rewards will be the two reworked toons for the month, the Siege character from the previous month, the Siege Character from 6 months ago, and if there’s an extra week, some random character will be picked.
    • Showdown
      • There are two Showdowns each month that award shards of a character not related reworks or siege toons. The character will be the same for both events, as will the character awarded for board clears. You can earn extra trophies by using bonus toons, which usually include one of the new toons, one of the reworks, and a random character.
    • Blitz
      • There are also two Blitzes each month that award gems and the board clears award legendary essence. These events have limited character selection that will be based on a single attribute. There are currently Physical, Mystical, Energy, Hero, Villain, Alien, and Female blitzes that rotate throughout the year. You can earn extra trophies by using bonus toons, which usually include one of the new toons, one of the reworks, and a random character.
    • Siege
      • There is one Siege event each month and it is considered the most challenging. The energy used for battles recharges so that you can only earn enough for three battles per day. You can gain additional energy by completing daily missions or you can buy one pack per day of energy for an additional three battles. This event awards one of the new characters for the month. You can earn extra trophies by using bonus toons, which include the two new toons, the two reworked toons, and four random toons each month.
    What do the Leagues mean?

    Your ranking in PVP, or “League”, determines what you will be awarded when the event ends. It also affects what opponents you will face, since the game generally tries to match you up with players around the same power level in the same league. There are exceptions to this, see below.

    Why are all of my opponents 30k power when I’m a lot lower power?

    In every PVP mode, the game will try to match you with opponents of a similar power level until you hit a certain threshold where it will then match you with any player in that tier. For Wraith, this happens at the top 1500 mark. In Blitz and Showdown, it happens at the top 100 mark. And in Siege, after you get 300+ trophies, the matchmaking is purely based on trophy count. So if you happen to cross one of these thresholds and cannot beat any team on your board, simply wait until you fall down to the next tier and then refresh your board.

    The other possibility is that you have leveled up a character too quickly and have an unbalanced roster. Refer to the beginning of this guide to learn how to correct it.

    Are there bots?

    Yes. If the game can’t find enough real players around your power level and PVP ranking, it will give you bot teams. These are usually easy to spot because they will be named after comic characters' real names, followed by random numbers such as HQuinzel440 or OQueen723. After the total power of your top 4 toons reaches ~24,000 power, new bots will appear, whose names are bad puns.

    Is it in real-time?

    No. The opponents you face will be real players’ teams controlled by AI.

    Why is the other team all gray?

    The opponent team appears as gray because these are the “wraiths” you are fighting. The opponent will only appear in color if they have a character rebirthed or if they are using a skin.


    What are the different PVE modes?
    • Campaign
      • This is the basic story mode. There are 8 chapters and 2 different modes - normal and heroic. Heroic mode rewards you with character shards. They claim more chapters are coming soon, but no one believes them anymore after 4 years.
    • R.E.D. Alerts
      • A daily event of 12 nodes with good rewards. Your characters’ health will carry over from battle to battle - this means if they die, they’re out for the rest of the nodes, but it also means if they’re overhealed, they’ll be overhealed for the next battle. The teams you face are randomly picked from PVP teams around your power level. See the red alert section below for more tips and tricks.
    • Upgrade Events
      • Weekly events that award valuable materials for leveling up characters. See the upgrade events section below for more tips and tricks.
    • Hero Challenges
      • There are a few different types of challenges throughout each month with different rules and rewards. You should try to get as far as you can on each event every month and replay them if possible.
      • 10 Day Challenge
        • There are two of these each month and they both award the same new toon of the month (often referred to as the free toon). You will have a limited available to use for these challenges and it will be frustrating, especially when you don’t have half of the characters available. That’s ok, just keep at it. Additionally, some characters will be bonus toons and will have 250% health for the challenge. The nodes in these challenges reset daily, so you should repeat the nodes that award character fragments every day.
      • 6 Day Challenge
        • Each month, there is one 6 day challenge that awards one of the reworked characters from the previous month. There is no limited roster on these, you can use whoever you like. Again, some characters will be bonus toons and will have extra health for the challenge. These nodes reset daily and will award bonus fragments on the first run of each node. You can run the nodes as many times as you want, so this is a great way to farm characters. Many endgame players will farm the last node multiple times to get enough fragments for rebirth levels.
      • Team Challenge
        • Each month there are 2 Team Challenges - a normal mode and a legendary mode. They run at the same time and award the same character, which is randomly selected every month. You will have a limited available to use for these challenges and the nodes to not reset at all and you can only get the rewards once.
      • Nightmare Challenge
        • The nightmare challenge is the hardest PVE content that exists in the game. You likely won’t be able to make any real progress here until gear 10, maybe 9. It’s open to any characters and has bonus toons each month. The nodes do not reset and you can only get the rewards once.

    R.E.D. Alerts

    Why should I do R.E.D. Alerts?

    They are an easy way to gain valuable resources and character shards. On days where Arkkis or Star Sapphire are a 25 shard reward, it is a good idea to refresh (probably for Huntress and Etrigan too). Since you receive 120 gems for each completion, the actual cost of the 300 gem refresh is only 60 gems. 60 gems for 50 shards (plus 34 additional shards) is a value you won’t find anywhere else in the game.

    How do I beat RED Alerts?

    In the beginning, it might seem impossible to beat them all, but the good thing about RED Alerts is that health/overheals, shields, turn meter, and skill cooldown all carry over from one battle to the next. Once you have the right toons in your roster, if you build up full shield or full overheal (or both!) in one battle, you start the next battle with the same shield/overheal, which is a huge advantage. Additionally, you don’t have to clear the teams in order, so look at each battle and pick the one that looks like the easiest to beat. Once you have completed a battle, the enemy list will refresh! This means you can look at each battle again and pick the easiest and keep doing this until you’ve completed them all.

    What is a good team?

    Since overheal and shields carry over, I exclusively use Lex to keep my team overhealed through every battle. I also bring Arkkis because he hits so hard. From there, I will bring a support toon that can buff and/or shield and one more damage dealer or maybe a taunter.

    Why are my enemy teams so much stronger than my strongest team?

    Similar to PVP, it’s possible you have leveled up a character too quickly and have an unbalanced roster. Refer to the beginning of this guide to learn how to correct it.

    Upgrade Events

    What are upgrade events?

    Upgrade events are a PVE mode that reward various materials used for upgrading characters. Each day of the week features a different event, except Sunday (server time) opens up all events.

    Day Event
    Sunday All Events
    Monday Mystical Archive (Blue Gears)
    Tuesday Essential Powers (White Rings)
    Wednesday Absolute Energy (Green Gears)
    Thursday Lord of the Unliving (Legendary Essence)
    Friday Physical Showcase (Red Gears)
    Saturday Fearsome Powers (Black Rings)
    What nodes should I do?

    For the gear material events, run nodes 1, 3, and 5, depending on if you need level 1, 2, or 3 materials. If you don’t have 3 or 5 unlocked, run nodes 2 and 4 until you do.

    For the ring events, run node 2 as soon as you get it unlocked. It will award the same amount of green rings, which is your main concern in the beginning, but it will also award blue rings which will become the main bottleneck at later stages of the game. Once you’ve unlocked node 5, run that in order to stock up on white and black rings. If you feel like you have enough white and black rings, you can run node 4.

    For Lord of the Unliving, just run the highest node that you can. Never use speedforce on this event since it is so expensive.

    What do I do if I get stuck?

    Keep trying different teams or just wait until you’ve upgraded your toons a little more. Eventually, you will be able to complete them all.

    Should I refresh the events?

    Yes. You should absolutely refresh the gear events. Characters need gear to be useful and these events are the best place to farm that gear. Ring events are expensive to refresh and unless you plan on spending actual money to acquire gems, it’s generally a good idea to save them and not refresh. The legendary essence (LE) event can be refreshed as well. You’ll probably have an abundance of LE early on, but eventually this will run out. Try to save it by not upgrading every character to legendary status.


    Do I need to join an alliance?

    It is highly recommended that you join an alliance. You will have access to the alliance shop and will be able to play raids. Plus, the community is part of what makes the game enjoyable.

    What are alliance missions?

    Alliance missions involve playing either heroic campaign nodes or PVP matches using various bonus toons. Each week will have a 5-point character for the week and each day will feature two 2-point toons and 2 1-point toons. Beating nodes or matches with these toons will award alliance points which can be spent in the alliance shop.

    How do I join an alliance?

    Check Reddit or the various Discord servers to see what alliances are recruiting, then type their name in the alliance search box and apply.

    I applied to an alliance, but haven’t heard anything.

    If you applied to an alliance without mentioning it to anyone and you are a low level, there is a chance they dismissed you. It’s not you, it’s them. There are probably better alliances out there anyway.

    What’s the best alliance?

    The 1500 is the best alliance in the game. Keep upgrading toons and maybe one day you can be a part of the best alliance ever!


    What are raids?

    Raids are an alliance based 4 day grindfest that give good rewards. They consist of 2 types of “bosses” - alliance bosses, which can only be attacked by your alliance, and normal bosses, which will either be spawned by you or shared with you by other players. Beating alliance bosses will give you experience materials and will give your alliance points that advance it up the alliance leaderboard. Beating normal bosses will give you various rewards and give you points that will advance you in your milestones and up the player leaderboard. Alliance bosses spawn by themselves once one is defeated and normal bosses are spawned by playing campaign nodes or hero challenge nodes.

    When do raids happen?

    Raids typically start on the last Thursday (UTC) of each month and end on the following Sunday.

    Should I participate in raids?

    Yes, you should try to hit as many personal milestones as you can. You will get rewards for the milestones and rewards for beating alliance bosses, which will help you advance and upgrade.

    What is the best strategy for raids?

    The first couple days consist of easy, low level bosses. You should try to beat these if possible, and if not, then share them after you have attacked them and someone will beat them for you and you will still get some rewards. The last days are when the Legendary (purple) bosses start showing up a lot. You won’t be able to damage these bosses and that’s ok, just start the battle, get knocked out, and share them. You will get big rewards for this even if you don’t do any damage.

    Shop / Spending Gems

    What should I buy? Should I buy characters from the shop?

    The shop is full of tempting offers that you generally shouldn’t buy. I know it seems like you should buy packs from here to unlock characters, but they are usually overpriced and not worth it. Eventually, every character will have an event or be a reward in some way that is more economical. Also, in the beginning, you won’t really know which characters are worth investing in. However, if the character is in the S tier or maybe A tier in the Character Guide and if you can afford enough shards to get to L1 or L2, it might be worth buying. You can usually check Reddit and find people asking about sales when they come up.

    Should I buy rings or gear/xp materials?

    While this is also tempting, it’s again way overpriced. For example, you can buy green rings in the shop for 3000 gems. You will receive 50-100, but RNG (random number generation) will typically favor the low end. Alternatively, you could spend 3000 gems on ring event refreshes and run the second node 6 times and get at least 30 greens AND 30 blue rings, which is a better value overall. I’m not saying you should spend 3k on ring event refreshes, but if you’re thinking about buying the ring pack, please reconsider.

    Then what should I spend gems on?

    The best use of gems is to refresh the gear material upgrade events. These reward gear parts and experience orbs to upgrade your toons. The higher geared your toons are, the more PVE nodes you can beat and the better you can place in PVP. Another good use of gems is to buy PVE energy refills in order to farm heroic nodes for either the character shards or for green essence. This will also reward gear materials and experience orbs, but the upgrade events are better for farming specific missing pieces of gear.

    That all sounds boring. Why can’t I buy a character from the shop?

    Ultimately, it’s a game and the point is for it to be fun. You don’t always have to make the most calculated spending decisions. If a character you really love comes to the shop, go ahead and buy it if you want to. I’m not going to say I’ve never bought character shards, but when I do, I realize I’m sacrificing advancing in other ways. Sometimes it’s a tradeoff worth taking.

    Where can I spend alliance points?

    There are 2 ways to spend alliance points - in the social tab in the shop, there is the Limited Time Offers section and Alliance Packs. All of the toons offered in the alliance packs will cycle through the limited time offers (which reset every 4 hours), so it’s generally a good idea to spend points on characters here. You can also buy PVE and PVP energy and some gear materials from here.

    What is Battle Essence?

    Battle essence is earned from playing PVP matches and is represented by a little red gem thing. There are 3 packs you can purchase with these points found in the shop under the social tab. Most people buy the 350 or the 1000 pack. You can find the drop rates here.

    How do I get more gems?

    Every day, you can get gems by completing red alerts and by watching ads. You also have a chance at getting gems in the void scanner every day. Each week, you can get gems from the weekly login calendar and the monthly login calendar. Additionally, there are two gem blitz PVP every month where you can earn gems and raids every month where you can earn gems based on your alliance ranking. If you’re willing to spend real money, the best way to get gems is to wait for a Tapjoy multiplier weekend and buy some of the money offers. Even if you don’t want to spend money, wait for a multiplier weekend and play some of the game offers to get a lot of gems. Multiplier events usually occur around international and US holidays, but it’s not guaranteed.

    Stats, Buffs, Debuffs, and Combat Effects

    Character Stats
    • Strength: A character's Strength Stat affects his or her Physical Damage output
    • Agility: A character's Agility affects his or her defense against Physical Damage
    • Intelligence: A character's Intelligence affects the amount of Special Damage he or she deals, his or her defense against Special Attacks, and his or her Healing Power
    • Stamina: A character's Stamina affects his or her Hit Points
    • Hit Points: The amount of Damage a character can receive before they are defeated
    • Speed: A character's Speed affects how often he or she takes their turn in battle. A character with a higher Speed Stat will take his or her turn first
    • Crit Chance: A character's chance on delivering a Critical Hit or Heal.
    • Crit Damage: The Increase in Damage or Healing in percentage when a Critical Hit or Heal is delivered. By Default, it is 150% at G0. At G11, it varies for different characters
    • Affinity Power Up: Each Affinity Power Up increases the damage dealt to another character which the character has an Affinity Advantage over
    • Affinity Resist Up: Each Affinity Resist Up reduces the damage taken from a character which the character has an Affinity Advantage over. For example, an Energy character with a Affinity Resist Up Buff will take even less Damage from a Physical character
    • Agility Up: Temporarily increases a character's Agility
    • Awareness: This Buff prevents a character from taking any Damage, but once the character is hit, the Awareness buff is used up. Bleeds, Disease, and Doom also remove Awareness
    • Crit Chance Up: Temporarily increases a character's chance of dealing a Critical Hit
    • Crit Damage Up: Temporarily increases a character's Crit Damage
    • Crit Immunity: Temporarily protects a character from receiving any Critical Hits
    • Damage Immunity: Characters with this Buff cannot lose any Health in any way
    • Death Immunity: Characters with this Buff can receive damage, but cannot die as long as they have the Buff
    • Debuff Immunity: Characters with this Buff cannot receive any Debuffs
    • Empowered Agility Up: Equal to 2 Agility Ups
    • Empowered Stamina Up: Equal to 2 Stamina Ups
    • Empowered Strength Ups: Equal to 2 Strength Ups
    • Enrage Immunity: characters with this Buff cannot be Enraged
    • Evasion Up: Increases a chance of an enemy missing an attack on that character
    • Hit Chance Up: Increases a character's chance of hitting an enemy, specifically those with Evasion Ups
    • Intelligence Up: Temporarily increases a character's Intelligence stat
    • Invisibility: Abilities that target a single enemy cannot be used on an Invisible character
    • Mends: It allows a character to recover a certain portion of their Health at the start of their turn. The more Mends there are, the more Health is recovered
    • Silence Immunity: A character with Silence Immunity cannot be Silenced
    • Speed Up: Temporarily increases a character's Speed Stat
    • Strength Up: Temporarily increases a character's Strength Stat
    • Stun Immunity: characters with Stun Immunity cannot be Stunned
    • Taunt: When a character taunts, only they can receive damage from a one target attack
    • True Sight: Ignore Taunt and Invisibility form the enemy team
    • Affinity Resist Down: Increases the Damage a character receives from an enemy which they have an Affinity Advantage over
    • Agility Down: Temporarily decreases a character's Agility Stat
    • Bleeds: For each Bleed on a character, they will lose a portion of their Health
    • Buff Immunity: characters with Buff Immunity cannot receive any Buffs
    • Crit Chance Down: Temporarily decreases a character's Crit Chance
    • Crit Damage Down: Temporarily decreases a character's Crit Damage
    • Disease: A team with the Disease Debuff on them will lose a portion of their health at the start of a member's turn. The Debuff has a 10% Chance to Spread to the teammates
    • Doom: After 4 Turns, if not purged, a character will receive 100% True Damage
    • Enrage: A character with the Enrage Debuff will automatically use their basic on a random enemy
    • Evasion Down: The Debuff Version of Hit Chance Up
    • Heal Immunity: A character with this Debuff cannot gain any Health in any way
    • Hit Chance Down: The Debuff Version of Evasion Up
    • Intelligence Down: Temporarily decreases a character's Intelligence stat
    • Silence: It is the same as Enrage, just that a character can choose his/her target
    • Speed Down: Temporarily decreases a character's Speed Stat
    • Strength Down: Temporarily decreases a character's Strength Stat
    • Stun: Characters who are Stunned skip their next Turn. They also cannot counterattack or be called to Assist when they are Stunned
    Combat Effects
    • Apply Shield: Gives Shield to an ally. A character without an Ignore Shield move has to destroy the Shield before they take down the character's Health
    • Apply Taunt: Characters can apply a Taunt to an Ally, or even an enemy
    • Buff Stealing: A character robs a certain number of Buffs from an enemy
    • Buff to Debuff Conversion: Converts a Buff to its opposite, like Mends to Bleeds, Strength Ups to Strength Downs
    • Call Assist: When a character uses a Call Assist move, a random ally will use their basic on an enemy. The enemy may not necessarily be the same as the selected one
    • Can't Miss: A character will never miss an enemy, no matter how many Hit Chance Downs they have, or Evasion Ups which the enemy has
    • NOTE: 100% Hit Chance and Can't Miss are different. A 100% Hit Chance move can still miss an enemy
    • Cooldown Effects: Lowers a character's Ability Cooldown of self or teammates
    • Copy Buffs: Copies a teammate's or an enemy's Buffs
    • Counter Attack: A character counters with a certain move, mainly the basic when they receive Damage
    • Debuff Transfer: A character transfer a Debuff to an enemy
    • Heal: A characters can heal either self or allies. An Overheal allows a character to heal past his/her maximum health
    • Ignore Awareness: An attack which ignores Awareness can damage an enemy with Awareness
    • Ignore Shields: An attack which Ignores Shield can damage an enemy with Shield
    • Out of Turn Attacks: A character uses one of their moves on an enemy when it isn't their turn
    • Purge Buffs: A character removes a certain number of Buffs from any enemy, or in some cases, any Ally
    • Purge Debuffs: A character removes a certain number of Debuffs from an Ally
    • Remove Shield: An attack removes a certain amount of Shield from an enemy
    • Revive: A character revives from the dead after they die. However, it will affect the number of stars won upon victory. A character cannot revive if they have Heal Immunity on themselves when they die
    • Start of Battle Ability: A character uses a certain move at the beginning of combat. It can work even if the character is Enraged
    • Steal Shield: A character steals a certain amount of Shield from a selected enemy
    • True Damage: A character deals damage to a certain percentage of an enemy's health
    • True Heal: A character gains back a certain percentage of his or her Health
    • Turn Meter Down: Lowers an enemy's turn meter
    • Turn Meter Up: Increases an ally's turn meter

    Glossary & Lingo

    • 0T - Zero Turn; describes passive abilities that trigger at the start of the battle before any character's turn.
    • 2F - Two-Face
    • Affinity - The property of a character. Characters of a different affinity will hit harder or softer against characters of different affinity.
    • AGI - Agility, a stat that dictates how much damage taken is reduced.
    • Alan / AS - Alan Scott
    • Atom - Captain Atom
    • AT / Atr / Atro / Atroc - Atrocitus
    • AoE - Area of Effect; describes an effect that affects multiple targets at once.
    • Aquamoa - Aquaman: Rider of the King Tide
    • Auto - The act of spending Speedforce to automatically reap the rewards of a Node. This also refers to the in-battle option to let an AI control your team.
    • AWLex - Lex Luthor: Assault Warsuit
    • Az / Azzy - Azrael
    • BA - Black Adam
    • BaBe / Beyond / BmB - Batman Beyond
    • Babs - Batgirl
    • Banshee - Silver Banshee
    • Barry - The Flash
    • Bart - Impulse
    • Basic - Basic Attack, the first in a powerset - a power with zero cooldown and the only power a character can perform while Enraged or Silenced.
    • BB - Batman Beyond, Big Barda, Blue Beetle, or Beast Boy
    • BC - Black Canary
    • BCC - Batman: Caped Crusader
    • BF - Black Flash
    • BG - Batgirl or Booster Gold
    • BH - Black Hand
    • BI - Buff Immunity
    • BL - Black Lightning
    • Bleed - A debuff that deals 1% True Damage to a character on every one of their turns.
    • Blitz - A PvP mode that usually only lasts for a few days and centres around a specific theme like Affinity or Gender.
    • Blue - Mystic affinity
    • Board Clear Toon - A character given to the player as a reward in Wraith and Siege for beating all the players on a single board.
    • Boomer - Captain Boomerang
    • Boost - Intentionally lose against another player, usually a fellow alliance member, in order to boost their score and keep them high.
    • Booster - Booster Gold
    • Bonus Toon - A character that rewards the player Alliance Shards and/or more trophies for using and winning battles with them.
    • Broccoli - Medphyll
    • BsB - Beast Boy
    • Buff - A positive, helpful status condition. When affecting a stat, it always ends in "Up".
    • CAGA / CaGA - Green Arrow: Castaway
    • Captain / Cap / Cpt - Captain Cold, Captain Atom, or Captain Boomerang
    • Cass / Cassie - Cassandra Cain or Wonder Girl (refers to the former more often)
    • CC - Captain Cold or Batman: Caped Crusader
    • CF / Clay - Clayface
    • [Character]'s [1/2/3/4/5] - Refers to an ability of a character in order of unlock. The first ability is always the basic, while the last ability is always passive.
    • Cheat Death - A mechanic (utilised only by Clayface and Catwoman as of now) wherein instead of dying at 0HP, the character gains a heal instead. It's not considered a death, revive, or buff. See also Ignore Death
    • Chummuck / Chipmunk - Arkkis Chummuck
    • CI - Critical Immunity
    • Cold - Captain Cold
    • Colo(u)rblind - Describes a character that deals so much damage that Affinity no longer matters. See also Affinity, Blue, Green, and Red
    • COTA / CoTA - Wonder Woman: Champion of the Amazons
    • Counter - Can mean either an ability (usually a damaging ability) that activates upon being attacked, or a character that is very effective against another certain character.
    • CPoC / CPC - Joker: Clown Prince of Crime
    • CRT / Crit / Critical Hit - A by-chance occurrence wherein an attack does more damage than normal. Can also apply to healing.
    • Crit/Critical Chance - The chance of a character inflicting a critical hit.
    • Crit/Critical Value - The increase of damage that occurs in a Critical Hit.
    • Croc - Killer Croc
    • Cupes / CSM - Cyborg Superman
    • CW - Catwoman
    • Daddy - Parallax
    • Dailies - The daily Upgrade Events that give XP Meta Agents, Gear, Rings, and Legendary Essence. Not to be confused with Daily Challenges.
    • Daily Challenge - A Hero Challenge that restarts itself every day over the course of its run.
    • DBI - Debuff Immunity, a buff that prevents a character from receiving debuffs.
    • DD - Doomsday
    • Debuff - A negative, harmful status condition. When affecting a stat, it always ends in "Down".
    • DF - Doctor Fate
    • DG - Joker: Damaged Goods
    • DI - Death Immunity or Damage Immunity, which are buffs that prevent a character from dying or being damaged, respectively.
    • DSHG - Deadshot: Hired Gun
    • DSSSH - Deadshot: Suicide Squad Hitman
    • DT - Donna Troy or Damage Immunity
    • Doom - Doomsday; also refers to a debuff.
    • DP - Dr. Poison
    • DOJ / DoJ - Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice
    • E3 - Superwoman
    • EAGA - Green Arrow: Emerald Archer
    • Essence - The green, basic resource used to upgrade Gear and Powers, rank up characters, as well as participate in Upgrade Events.
    • Etr / Etri - Etrigan
    • EVA / Evasion - The chance of a character dodging attacks.
    • Farm - To continuously and easily acquire material(s).
    • Farmable - Describes a character that is easily accessible and continuously acquirable through Story Missions, Red Alerts, or the Shops that run on Alliance and Wraith Essence. Can also describe a Node that can be played over and over again in order to acquire materials. See also Toon and Node
    • Freebie - A newly-released character whose shards can be acquired in Daily Login Rewards, Weekly Challenges, and Wraith Arena in their release month. Used in contrast to Paywall.
    • Freddie - Shazam Jr.
    • Frost - Killer Frost
    • FS - Firestorm
    • G[number] - Gear, with the number signifying at which level a character's gear is at. Goes from 1 to 11, and may contain decimals.
    • GAEA - Green Arrow: Emerald Archer
    • GACA / GACa - Green Arrow: Castaway
    • Gar / Garfield - Beast Boy
    • Gate / Gated - A circumstance where certain effects on an ability occur only when certain conditions are met. Usually mentioned when the gated effect is huge.
    • Gems - The yellow currency resource used for purchasing things like other resources or more tries on a level.
    • GLHJ - Hal Jordan: Green Lantern
    • Green - Energy affinity
    • Hal / HJ / HJGL - Hal Jordan: Green Lantern
    • Hand - Black Hand
    • Heroic Event - An event spanning days or weeks that give out character shards for participating in them
    • HI - Heal Immunity, a debuff that prevents a character from being Healed. .
    • Hip / Hipp / Hippo / Hippy - Hippolyta.
    • HP - Health Points
    • HQMJ - Harley Quinn: Mad Jester
    • HQQV - Harley Quinn: Quite Vexing
    • Ignore Death - A mechanic (utilised only by Guy Gardner as of now) wherein instead of dying at 0HP, the character stays at 1. It's not considered a death, revive, buff OR heal. See also Cheat Death
    • Imp - Impulse
    • INT / Intel - Intelligence, a stat that dictates the amount of Special Damage and Healing a character deals, as well as how much Special Damage taken is reduced.
    • Inv / Invis - Invisibility
    • JC - Jessica Cruz or John Constantine
    • JCon - John Constantine
    • JCruz / Jess / Jessica - Jessica Cruz
    • Jon - Superboy or Jon Stewart
    • J'onn / Jonn - Martian Manhunter
    • JS - Jon Stewart
    • KC - Killer Croc
    • KF - Kid Flash or Killer Frost
    • KOA / KoA - Aquaman: King of Atlantis
    • Kori - Starfire
    • Kyle - Parallax
    • L[1-5] - A character's Legendary Rank.
    • L/Lv/Lvl[1-80] - A character's level.
    • Lasso - Wonder Girl's third ability, Lasso of Lightning, and by extension her second passive Divine Balance. Can also be used as a verb, referring to being hit by Lasso of Lightning.
    • Legendary Essence - A purple resource used to rank up Legendary characters.
    • Lex SSS / LLSS / LLSSS - Lex Luthor: Survival Support Suit
    • LS - Lady Shiva
    • LW - Livewire
    • Mats - XP Meta Agents, a resource used to level up a character.
    • Mary - Mary Marvel
    • Meter - Refers to Turn Meter.
    • MJ - Harley Quinn: Mad Jester
    • MM - Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian, Mister Miracle, Mary Marvel, or Mirror Master
    • MMH - Martian Manhunter
    • MrF - Mr. Freeze
    • MRM / MrM - Mister Miracle
    • MSM / MsM - Miss Martian
    • OOT - Out of Turn; refers to powers and effects on abilities that trigger in between turns.
    • Orm - Oceanmaster
    • Par / Para - Parallax
    • Paywall - A newly-released character whose shards can only be acquired in the shop and Siege Arena in their release month; used in contrast to Freebie.
    • PG - Power Girl
    • Plug-and-Play / Plug and Play - Refers to a character that can be placed, (or rather plugged), into a team and be extremely effective even without help from allies.
    • POT / PoT - Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira
    • Power - The official in-game term for character abilities that people seldom use.
    • Power Level - A number that the game gives a character, calculated from the character's rank, upgrades, level, and gear.
    • Proc - To activate a chance effect on an ability.
    • Punch Up - To fair well against or beat teams with a significantly higher power level than your team's.
    • PvP - Player vs Player; the PvP Arena modes.
    • PvE - Player vs Environment; all modes outside of the PvP Arena.
    • QV - Harley Quinn: Quite Vexing
    • R[1-5] - The Rank at which a character is at. Goes from 1 to 5.
    • RB[1-5] - The Rebirth Rank at which a character is at. Goes from 1 to 5.
    • RA - Red Alerts, a daily mode wherein the player fights against waves of enemies to get resources like Gems, Shards, and Essence. The characters you use retain their HP and cooldowns between levels, meaning that a dead character will be unable to be used for the rest of the levels.
    • Ra's / Ras - Ra's Al Ghul
    • Reeves - The name of the current WB representative that interacts with the DCL subreddit and its community.
    • Red - Physical affinity
    • RF - Reverse Flash
    • RH - Red Hood
    • Rings - A resource (Different types including Willpower, Hope, Rage, Life and Death Rings) used to upgrade abilities.
    • Ring Up - To upgrade an ability with rings.
    • (All/Fully) Ringed Up - Used to describe a power or powers that have been fully upgraded. See also Rings
    • RNG - Random Number Generator; refers to any random or percentage chance event.
    • Roy - Arsenal
    • RR - Red Robin
    • RT - Red Tornado
    • Saint / StW - Saint Walker
    • Savage - Vandal Savage
    • SB - Superboy or Silver Banshee
    • Scanner - see Void
    • Sex / Sexy Lexy / Slex / SSSLex / SSLL / SSSLL / Sluthor - Lex Luthor: Survival Support Suit
    • SF - Starfire
    • SG - Supergirl, Stargirl, or Solomon Grundy
    • SiBan / SilBan - Silver Banshee
    • Siege - A PvP mode.
    • Siege Toon - Refers to either the character(s) given as rewards for participating in Siege, or characters who give trophy bonuses in Siege. See also Toon and Bonus Toon
    • Silence - A debuff that prevents a character from using anything but their basic attack.
    • SLois / Swn - Superwoman
    • SM / Supes - Superman
    • Speedforce - A resource that allows players to Auto Nodes.
    • ST / Swamp / Swampy - Swamp Thing
    • STA / Stam - Stamina
    • Star System - The mini-score system that appears at the end of every battle. In PvP, each star grants you trophies, and the less characters you have alive at the end, the less stars you'll get. PvE modes only allow the player to Auto a Node if the level has been completed with three stars.
    • Striker - A character that deals a lot of damage, or a character that is focused on damage dealing.
    • Strip - Another word for Purge.
    • STR - Strength, a stat that dictates the amount of damage a character deals.
    • Step / Stepp - Steppenwolf
    • SPD - Speed, a stat that dictates how frequent a character takes their turns.
    • SS - Star Sapphire
    • SW - Saint Walker, Superwoman, or Steppenwolf
    • Swn / Swupes - Superwoman
    • Tank - A character that can taunt and take lots of damage for the team, usually with sustain such as Stamina Ups, Heals, Shields, and Awareness, as well as positive Immunities.
    • Taunt - A buff that prevents enemies from directing single-target attacks to anyone but the character. Characters with True Sight ignore Taunt.
    • Team Power - The combined Power Level of all the characters within a team. See also Power Level
    • Terry - Batman Beyond
    • TDK - Batman: The Dark Knight
    • S/A/B/C/F/Trash Tier - Describing the effectiveness of a character, and their place in the current meta. There are multiple tier lists that place characters differently, but some characters have a general consensus (like Wonder Girl being S-Tier).
    • TM - Turn Meter, a gauge that lets a character get a turn when filled up. The speed at which the gauge is filled is dictated by Speed.
    • True Damage - Percentage-based damage that ignores stat buffs and debuffs.
    • True Heal/Healing - Percentage-based healing that ignores stat buffs and debuffs.
    • TS - True Sight
    • Toon - Another term for "character".
    • Turn Zero - Refers to the period at the start of a battle, but before the first actual turn, where some effects on powers occur.
    • Void - Void Scanner, which is basically a spinning wheel for materials.
    • Void Rings - A resource that allows you to use the Void Scanner for free.
    • Wally - Officially in-game refers to the older ginger Kid Flash, but can also be used for the younger brunette Kid Flash.
    • WG - Wonder Girl
    • WGD - Batman: World's Greatest Detective
    • Whale - A person who spends (usually lots of) money on microtransactions. Can also be used as a verb, meaning to spend a lot on something.
    • Whip - See Lasso
    • WL / WLS - Sinestro: White Lantern
    • Wraith - Wraith Arena, the PvP mode.
    • WWCoTA - Wonder Woman: Champion of the Amazons
    • WWDoJ - Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice
    • WWPoT - Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira
    • YL / YLS - Sinestro: Yellow Lantern
    • Z / Zee - Zatanna