Twitch Streams

Streamers that are currently on-air will be indicated by:(LIVE NOW)

Hawk_guycoo(LIVE NOW)
Joshurawrs(LIVE NOW)
KittiLittl(LIVE NOW)
MostlyCostly(LIVE NOW)
Rundown015(LIVE NOW)

YouTube Channels

Angreifer Gaming
Escuelita de Raids DC Legends
WROL Broadcast


WROL Broadcast
Over 400 podcast episodes covering all aspects of the game, with a rotating cast of personalities offering insights. Also the creators/maintainers of the tier rankings and legendary orders listed on this site.
Atlantis After Dark
Atlantis After Dark is a bi-weekly podcast with a focus strategies, characters and raids, and plenty of jokes in between.
The Crime Alley Cast
This podcast features three streamers talking about the game, their streaming and gaming lives, and their love for all things DC Comics from movies to shows to comics.

Discord Servers

Redditverse Community Center
Sector 2814
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